GtechUSA is a local computer services company that is committed to high quality and a professional service. We offer full range of computer and repair services as well as the following services :

Data Backup Solutions

Personal documents, pictures, emails, and any kind of Database are highly important to individuals and companies. For businesses, these are valuable assets. GtechUSA offers Data and System Backup Solutions for personal and business needs. Our technicians will examine your computer/server systems for any necessary backup either On-Site or Off-Site.

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Data Recovery Solutions

In the event your backup solution was ineffective (or simply didn’t exist), we offer Data Recovery solutions for businesses and individuals. Through the use of specialized training and propriety tools, we have a good chance of successfully recovering your data from accidental deletion or hard drive failure.

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Networking Solutions

Many businesses and homes are wired poorly or not at all. GtechUSA will correct the networking problems you have, rewire where necessary, or wire your new building. A properly wired network can save you from a lot of misery when it comes to unexplained errors and other mysterious network issues. GtechUSA can also implement a secured wireless network system so you can use it productively.

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Employee Monitoring Solutions

Are you concerned about the conduct of some of your employees? Do you think they are surfing social networking websites instead of working ? Do you feel they may be conducting illegal activities or sharing your information with your competition ? GtechUSA offers Employee Monitoring solutions such as screen snapshots, keystroke logs, website history,  and email activity to help you keep your business safe and more productive.

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Application Virtualization Solutions

Looking to safely take your work applications and mail applications with you? Through the miracle of application virtualization, you can run your software, with the same look and feel, on any computer without the fuss of installation. Ask us about it!

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Virus and Spyware Solutions

Are you concerned about viruses and other attacks? Let us protect your organization from the danger that is existed in the Internet with leading edge software and hardware solutions tailored for your business. The threat of malicious software running on your computer systems is very real. Through proactive intervention, our technicians can help you protect your organization from a lot of expensive downtime, data loss and data compromise.

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Parental Control for Online Children Safety

Online children safety is a paramount concern of parents. You want to make sure that your child is getting the most out of the educational benefits and enjoyable entertainment that the Internet makes possible, without being exposed to inappropriate or even potentially dangerous online information or activities.

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Thank you for your interest and we look forward to serving you soon!