Data Backup Solutions

Information is a valuable asset of businesses and homes. Storing and distributing data is the primary purpose for having a computer. The preservation of data should be of foremost importance in a user’s mind. Yet, many small businesses and individuals fail to maintain a dependable data backup solution. Please note this important point: data backup and disaster recovery is paramount to a successful system repair operation.

Our goal is to help establish a backup solution that works for companies and individuals. We are here to guide you into making the right choices for customized backup solution, and help you to stay ahead of trouble. Here are some important guidelines:

Recognize The Danger

After a recent data analysis, Google reported on the hard drive failure rate within their own data centers. The numbers are frightening: each year, one out of every 14 hard drives will fail. This is a serious data preservation issue. No business or corporate office can afford to function without having in place a competent and dependable data backup solution.

Solutions and Concepts

Data backup solutions can be segregated into three categories: hardware, software, or both. Hardware is the physical equipment that stores data. The typical software backup solution utilizes the features of a network. When the two methods are combined, the concept of online data backup becomes predominant.

Necessary Components

Off-site data protection solutions provide file storage space on hardware that is external to the location of the physical hardware and data files that are being backed up. Off-site data backup is fairly easy to implement, and it is expandable to meet the needs of any user, home based or corporation based. For Off-site backup, a user needs three components:

Statistics report that 70% of the businesses that suffer a data crash go out of business within eighteen months. In light of the available online backup methods and the quality support centers, skipping a daily backup of system and data files seems rather foolish.

Getting Started

Pre-steps to calling upon an online provider of data backup solutions:

Our Services

We have the capacity to accommodate all of your current and expanding data backup storage and support requirements. We offer high value solutions at the lowest available, fair market price. Without a 100% dependable backup solution, your data and your business is at risk. Even without a hard drive failure, the risk of data contamination through virus or Trojan infections presents sufficient cause for concern.

If your system goes down we will be there to put things back in order quickly and efficiently.

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