Employee Monitoring Solutions

The internet and computer technology has provided businesses with the ability to drastically improve their efficiency. Unfortunately, the very same technologies can also become a distraction. Thankfully, these technologies can also be easily monitored in order to make sure that the distraction does not become an issue. Employee monitoring is a business practice that enables managers to control their employees’ movement on their computers and internet connection. This can have a dramatic effect on the business efficiency, propelling it forward and allowing work to be accomplished in a shorter period of time by eliminating distractions.

We can help you construct an employee monitoring system to reduce distractions. A good monitoring system will record everything your employees are doing on their computers. This will include screen snapshots, websites recording, keystrokes and more. All the information can then be sifted through and all in real time for you to monitor and decide if any further steps should be taken.


If your employee types ANYTHING on the keyboard, it can be recorded. All keystrokes can be time stamped and even let you know what program was being used so you may easily identify the difference between an email, a password, or word document.

Instant Messaging

Monitoring systems allow you to control any chatting or instant messaging that is taking place at work. Chat and instant message conversations can be recorded. Plus, powerful Chat Blocking allows you to prevent specific people from any further chatting or Instant Messaging with your employee.

Internet Access Blocking

It is possible to block specific web sites from being accessed. It is also possible to block specific Internet applications like AOL Instant Messenger from being accessed. You can choose whether you want to block it in a specific day or a specific time in the week.

Program Activity Recording

The Program Recorder allows you to see at a glance all of the applications that have been used each day. If someone downloads a new program that starts affecting the performance of their computer, you’ll be able to quickly identify what program it is. An employer will be able to monitor his employees’ program activities and make sure they are focused on their work.


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