Networking Solutions

It takes you too long to copy files and your Database is loading too slowly from the server; your internet connection is poor; your backups are taking too long to complete over the network; these and other reasons are not necessarily implying that either your computer or your server are to blame. The problem might be in the : Wiring, Switch, Router, Firewall or Bad network Configuration.

GtechUSA can assist you with monitoring your network switches and routers for malfunctions or if a wrong configuration was made, as well as checking if bad network wiring is the cause for your problems.

Setting up a Wireless network can be an excellent solution for homes, and businesses that want to minimize the number of networking cables running throughout. We can help you set it up. If you are moving into a new house our technicians can design your wired or wireless network to fit your needs. If you are moving into a new office we can help you plan and design your network for future growth by installing the components that you will need when your business expands.

Whether you are running a home office, a small business or a large company with hundreds of employees, a reliable computer network is necessary for uninterrupted daily operations. If you need a secure network that is fast and flexible, call us at 855-888-5554, or CLICK HERE to send us an email.