Parental Control for Online Children Safety

Online children safety is a paramount concern of parents who want to make sure their children are getting the most out of the internet benefits, without being exposed to inappropriate or potentially dangerous online information or activities.

We offer our clients a parental control solution. This application is a full featured Parental Control System that allows parents to make sure that they are in charge of Internet and computer access for all members of the family. Parents will decide what their children can do online and when. Web restrictions can be set by parents based on specific web addresses or contents they chose to block. Parents can also set time limits on computer and Internet use or allow a specific time usage.

OS Control is a fully featured and easy to use system that provides the highest level of online children safety and helps parents teach proper Internet habits to children by putting parents in charge of their children’s Internet usage. The economical OS Control solution is the most reliable and complete way to allow children to use the Internet within limits that parents can easily set and change as children mature. Installing the OS Control system gives parents peace of mind, and it is a reliable and cost-effective solution that provides full parental control of computers and Internet access.